Mesh Wifi

Our WiFi solutions create a “Mesh” network over your entire house. This ensures your connection is reliable and robust and prevents “dead zones” where you can’t get access. Additional repeater units can be added to provide a single unified secure network throughout your entire property. 

The key to any network is reliability and security. Most smart products will rely on your network in order to function so we make sure it does.

We will complete a survey of your property to establish how many network repeaters are required. This is based upon where you would like coverage to be achieved. If you already have a basic network in place then we may be able to utilise some of your existing equipment to keep costs down.

We also offer firewall installation and configuration to ensure you and your family are as safe as can be. This offers a range of additional features including “child networks” where we can restrict access to web content based upon the device being used.- a little peace of mind for when the children are using the internet.