Smart Lighting

Turn your lights on and off automatically. Have them turn on automatically at dusk, dim to remind you it’s time for bed, or slowly turn on in the morning to wake you. 

Switch on or off the whole house with the single press of a button or use sensors for security or automation.

Whether you are starting from a clean slate or retro-fitting smart lighting we have options to cater from single bulbs to whole houses.

With new manufacturers entering the market every day, we ensure you get the right solution for your setup and that your chosen product is compatible with the rest of your house.  

Some solutions require the light switches to be replaced which can be more cost effective, and some have smart connectivity built into the bulb. It really depends what you would like your lighting to do, and how many rooms you would like to automate.

We will recommend your solution based upon cost, reliability, functionality and integration. This will consider any existing products that you have, and any future smart products you would like to add to your home.

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