Voice Control

Add voice control to your life

Turn your TV on by voice command, activate a room “scene” or change the channel. Turn all the lights on or off in the house, or come up with your own plan to simplify your life.

With the ever growing list of vendors adding voice control “skills” anything is achievable. From adjusting the heating, or asking the smart vacuum cleaner to head out and clean or mop the Kitchen floor. We use voice control to combine actions that would normally have to be performed in turn, but allow you to use one voice command to trigger the change. For example “Turn on the Cinema” might turn on your TV, Sky Box and Amplifier, set the correct source on the TV and amplifier,  and open up the planner or your favorite movie channel. Then it will wait until the play button is pressed and dim the lights for you automatically, and if you’ve gone “the whole hog” it can even close the curtains for you as well!