Whole House Control

Control everything from your phone, tablet, wall mounted control pad or WiFi remote control.

Are you fed up with having to open up a different app to control each of your devices? Bring all of your devices, smart or not, together into one place with a whole house control system. Allowing you to control everything from a single application or remote control.


Automate your life with 'scenes'

Set the scene by grouping common daily tasks together. Yyou can set a collection of events to trigger simultaneously with the single push of a button- for example:

Welcome Home

  • Turn on the Outside, Hall, Kitchen and Sitting Room lights and lamps.
  • Close the downstairs curtains.
  • Play your ‘Cooking playlist’ or favourite radio station as background music in the Kitchen.

Good Night

  • Turn off all of the downstairs lights and lamps.
  • Turn on the landing and bedroom lights
  • Close the bedroom curtains
  • Turn off all TV’s and set other devices to standby.
  • Enable CCTV motion detection outside of the house with trigger alerts and email notifcation.

Good Morning

  • Fade in the lights to come on at your alarm time.
  • Turn on the bedroom TV and set the channel to show the breakfast news at your desired volume level.
  • Open all of the curtains downstairs and upstairs.
  • Play your favorite radio station in the Kitchen.

Some of our most popular integration products are...

  • Power Sockets
  • Music
  • TV’s
  • Projectors
  • Projector Screens
  • AVR (Audio Visual Receivers)
  • Blue ray and DVD players
  • Sky and Cable boxes
  • Door Locks
  • Motion Sensors
  • CCTV
  • Irrigation
  • Electric Gates
  • Electric Garage Doors

But the possibilities are endless...